Soil thermal behavior at Bodenschutztage Congress

The role of soil in very shallow geothermal energy

soil, ITER Project, horizontal heat exchangers, very shallow geothermal energy

ITER Project at 9. Marktredwitzer Bodenschutztage (© E. Di Sipio)

Assessing interactions between sediment, horizontal heat exchangers and surrounding environment, ITER Project covers research topics related also to soil protection. Then, a perfect location to present updated research outcomes was the Marktredwitzer Bodenschutztage Congress (12-14.10.2016). In these days, a wide audience composed of scientists, local administrators and stakeholders exchange information about latest findings on landuse.

Speakers presented the latest innovation on cross border information, legal issues, working methods, interdisciplinary approaches and real cases. In detail, planning and building of real case studies attracted mostly the audience interest. At the end, this was really a wide overview in the world of soil science. Especially relevant, ITER has contributed to the information exchange during the poster session.

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