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Monitor the parameters over time at the ITER test site

Why monitor the parameters over time? Monitor the parameters over time through direct measurements and numerical simulation allows assessing the performance of horizontal collector systems. The ideas consists on using data collected on field to simulate the thermal interference between horizontal heat exchangers and subsoil. Accordingly, we want to evaluate the influence of TEBM on Read more about Monitor the parameters over time at the ITER test site[…]

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Thermally enhanced backfilling material (TEBM)

What is a thermally enhanced backfilling material (TEBM)? One of the key challenges of ITER Project is to create thermally enhanced backfilling material (TEBM) suitable for horizontal collectors. The idea is improving the heat transfer of the ground surrounding the pipes used in very shallow geothermal systems (VSGS). Why? Since the VSGS performance depends on Read more about Thermally enhanced backfilling material (TEBM)[…]

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Soil thermal behavior at Bodenschutztage Congress

The role of soil in very shallow geothermal energy Assessing interactions between sediment, horizontal heat exchangers and surrounding environment, ITER Project covers research topics related also to soil protection. Then, a perfect location to present updated research outcomes was the Marktredwitzer Bodenschutztage Congress (12-14.10.2016). In these days, a wide audience composed of scientists, local administrators Read more about Soil thermal behavior at Bodenschutztage Congress[…]

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Dissemination of ITER Project at GeoTirol 2016 Conference

Dissemination at GeoTirol Conference For the first time, at GeoTirol 2016 Conference, the dissemination of ITER Projects consists of an oral presentation. The GeoTirol 2016, held in Innsbruck on 25-28 September 2016, is the Annual Meeting of the German DGGV (Deutsche Geologische Gesellschaft – Geologische Vereinigung). During the session entitled “GeoEnergy: Geothermal systems, heat- and Read more about Dissemination of ITER Project at GeoTirol 2016 Conference[…]

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Shallow geothermal systems: how to exchange heat with the ground?

Shallow geothermal systems Several technological solutions called Ground Source Heat Pumps (GSHPs) are available for shallow geothermal systems. What do they do? Most of all, they transfer heat between underground and residential, industrial or commercial buildings. Since GSHPs are conceived to extract and/or inject heat from/into the ground during winter and/or summer, several technological solutions Read more about Shallow geothermal systems: how to exchange heat with the ground?[…]