MSCA fellow at EuroScience Open Forum in Manchester

What does a MSCA fellow do at a forum on the future of science?

What happens when more than one MSCA fellow come in the same place?

Well, this is exactly what MSCA ESOF satellite event in Manchester allowed.

During 2 days in July (28-29.07.2016) the main idea was to analyze the relationship between research and society. On this regard, several invited speakers discussed on how to inform the general public about research progress and science value.Then, topics as research integrity, transparency and ethics formed a central part of the event. In addition, the role played by Open Science in the future will be more and more. Therefore, a better knowledge of tools allowing Data Management Planning and Data Repository is required. Finally, industries and private sector, gender balance and migrant dimension are other aspect whose relevance in the future will increase.

ITER at MSCA ESOF Satellite Event

MSCA fellow, research and society, communication, ITER Project, dissemination

ITER Project at MSCA ESOF satellite event 2016 (© E. Di Sipio)

MSCA fellow, research and society, communication, ITER Project, dissemination

ITER Project at Elevator Pitch session (© E. Di Sipio)

In this framework all MSCA fellows (IF, ITN etc…) could show how their research contribute to society using two different tools. First of all, the classic Poster Session, really useful to discover news from all science sectors (Physical, Social and Human, Life Sciences). Then, the Elevator Pitch systems, where participants have only 3 minutes to explain to a wide audience the main aspect of their research in plain terms. Really a nice experience! You have to try! As ITER Project we do it! It is not easy, mainly because you must not be boring, but it is interesting both for the researcher and for the public!!! Most of all, you can get a lot of news about interesting projects, also if you are not an expert!

Anyway, a curiosity: the location selected for the Cocktail and Gala dinner was AMAZING!!!! Never had a cocktail inside a Museum of Natural History (Manchester Museum), below a giant dinosaur!!!!

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