ITER at the 3rd Energy Fair in Hirschaid, Germany

The 3rd Energy Fair in Hirschaid

On March 12-13 2016 the Energy Park in Hirschaid (Northern Bavaria, Germany) hosted the 3rd Energy Fair. This event shows the latest news in the energy and environmental technology to a general public. It is growing from year to year, involving always a greater number of exhibitors and visitors. This year recorded the presence of over 70 exhibitors and more than 2,400 visitors. In detail topics of the event were innovative products and possible renewable energy application (solar, geothermal, photovoltaic…). In addition green building technologies in urban and rural settlement gained the public favor (Energiemesse).

The Geothermal Community of Baviera (Erdwärme Gemeinschaft bayern e.V.) attended the fair to promote shallow geothermal energy. As a renewable energy source, it is a citizen-friendly energy supply solution, accessible and affordable for everyone and everywhere. The association brings together several companies, producers and research institutions working in Bavaria. Moreover, it includes also ITER Project partner, as the Friedrich-Alexander Universität, the Fischer Spezialbaustoffe and REHAU AG & Co.

borehole heat exchangers, horizontal collector systems, energy

Examples of ground heat exchangers provided by Erdwärme Gemeinschaft (© E. Di Sipio)

ITER Project in Hirschaid

Thanks to the cooperation with the Erdwärme Gemeinschaft Bayern e.V., ITER Project was present in Hirschaid in order to inform the general public on the development of the activities of ITER project and to raise awareness on geothermal plant’s management at household’s level.

Moreover, general information about (i) what is geothermal energy, (ii) how to use it, (iii) what are ground heat exchangers and how they works were provided to those interested in deepening their knowledge on the use of goethermal heat for heating and cooling buildings. In addition, if present, language difficulties were easily overcome thanks to the members of the Erdwärme Gemeinschaft.

Energy, geothermal community, Iter Project, dissemination

ITER Project at the Erdwärme Gemeinschaft stand, 3rd Energy Fair, Hirschaid, Germany (© E. Di Sipio)


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