Dissemination of ITER Project at GeoTirol 2016 Conference

Dissemination at GeoTirol Conference

For the first time, at GeoTirol 2016 Conference, the dissemination of ITER Projects consists of an oral presentation.

Dissemination, very shallow geothermal energy, ITER Project, GeoTirol

Dissemination of ITER Project at GeoTirol 2016 (© E. Di Sipio)

The GeoTirol 2016, held in Innsbruck on 25-28 September 2016, is the Annual Meeting of the German DGGV (Deutsche Geologische Gesellschaft – Geologische Vereinigung).

During the session entitled “GeoEnergy: Geothermal systems, heat- and gas-storage”, the talk specified aim, key challenges and first outcomes of ITER Project. Then, it showed an overview of the comparison between laboratory and field test measurements.

Another important aspect, several German and Austrian scientists (mostly of the deep geothermal sector) attended the talk, showing interest for the recent developments.

In addition, the researcher had the opportunity to attend an interesting discussion-forum about future challenges for geothermal energy research. The forum, scheduled at the end of the session, took into consideration long term main challenges for geothermal research.

In detail the most discussed topics concerned reduction of costs, environmental protection and improvement of geothermal reservoir prediction. Many interesting ideas, some even for shallow and very shallow geothermal field!!!

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