European Projects: ITER meets Cheap-GSHPs in Bilbao

European Projects in contact

A wonderful opportunity of cooperation at dissemination level between two European Projects

The Project Coordinator of Cheap-GSHPs Project, Dr. Adriana Bernardi, invited ITER to attend their 2nd Internal Meeting. In detail Cheap-GSHP means “Cheap and efficient application of reliable ground source heat exchangers and pumps”.

European Projects, shallow geothermal energy, Cheap-GSHPs, ITER

Eloisa Di Sipio presenting ITER Project to Cheap-GSHPs consortium in Bilbao (© J. Müller)

Why? Because this project focuses on reducing the total cost of low enthalpy geothermal systems by 20-30 %. Also, another major aim is to improve the actual drilling/installation technologies and designs of Ground Source Heat Exchangers.

As Marie Skłodowska Curie fellow working on shallow geothermal energy I take this opportunity to present my work. Researchers and experts representing the excellence of Europe listened to the short introduction about aim and tasks of ITER Project.

What to say more? A good opportunity for brainstorming too! The meeting allowed also to discuss the main targets of European Commission for shallow geothermal energy in the next future. As a result a very productive discussion focused on sustainable heating / cooling strategy for residential and industrial buildings. Therefore, the debate included also actions and developments expected in the shallow (Cheap-GSHPs Project) and very shallow (ITER Project) geothermal energy.

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